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If you do not see something you want, that is possible. I may not have a large selection on the web site right now, but I am building relationships with distributors all the time. I will be happy to quote any Firearm. If you accept the quote, I will need payment for the item and have it ordered by the next day. Most of my distributors will ship the next day. it usually will take a week for an item, other than a firearm. Firearms will only ship to Federal Firearm License (FFL) Dealers, which is the law. All quotes include shipping to your location or in the case of Firearms, to the FFL of your choice. Shop around for your FFL, different FFL's charge different fees. If a purchaser of a firearm is a New Mexico resident and willing to pick the firearm, in Las Cruces, I will do the required background check and transfer the firearm. All firearms come with a manufactures warrant, call the manufacturer for service under the warrant. If the firearm is not the correct item or seems damaged (packaging etc do not accept the package from the FFL) Once your FFL does the required background check and transfers the firearm, it is your's as is and you will be required to go through the manufacturer for any warranty service. If I can help with the process, i will be glad to give what assistance I can.

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Please add any information that will help identify the item for your quote. If you know the UPC, manufacturer, product name, size, color, quantity, left or right handed, any information to make sure we quote the right items. Many items have several options and code numbers for each option. The more information the better. All quotes will be returned within 24 hours.  Thank you and God Bless.